Ellerman & Wilson Lines Agency Company Ltd., Trieste, founded on the 1st December 1919, was the Italian office of the British maritime transport giant EWL.
Its development was fostered during the 1930s by opening branch companies in Rijeka and Susak (presently in Croatia). Although both offices were closed down after the Second World War, the company’s contacts with former Yugoslav countries and markets are still tight.
In 1932, the company was appointed Lloyd’s of London Agent and in 1972 Agent for the Institute of London Underwriters.
As Ship Agent and Broker, Ellerman & Wilson Lines Trieste used to act as General Agent for Italy on behalf of major private ship owners and numerous state shipping companies, like those of Argentina, India, Ethiopia, the former Czechoslovakia and Turkey, which today still is the country most connected to the company’s core business.
In 1973 Ellerman & Wilson Lines took over Edgar H. Greenham & Co., an insurance company established in Trieste back in 1826, whose business has since been managed separately as a sister company with its own brand.
In 1981 the EWL Group carried out a major reorganization, whereby the capital shares of the Italian office were taken over by the local shareholders, under the guidance and direction of the then Managing Director, Capt. Dario Samer, who was the first non-British manager at EWL. Since the early 80s, Dario managed the company together with his son Enrico and daughter Lilli.
In 1985, the company style was changed into Samer & Co. Shipping SpA.
At the end of the 1990s, with the privatization of the ports in Italy, the company also became port terminal operator through sister companies, and specialized in three sectors: Ro-Ro shipments with the company Samer Seaports & Terminals Srl, heavy lifts and project cargoes through Frigomar Srl, and reefer cargoes with Terminal Frutta Trieste SpA.
Since 1998 Mr. Enrico Samer succeeded his father Dario as General Honorary Consul of the Republic of Turkey for North-Eastern Italy.
Over the decades, Samer & Co. Shipping opened sister companies overseas, with an ever-expanding business mission. In particular, in recent years the group has been its freight forwarding division, in parallel with the other long-established businesses, creating an international network of significant partners in ocean, air and land transport.
The company is currently chaired by Mr. Enrico Samer, who is also the CEO for sales and operations, while Mrs. Lilli Samer is the CEO in charge of insurance and administration.