Liner & Tramp Agency

Historically, Samer’s first role was as ship owner and agent, and nowadays it still is one of the main ship agents in the port of Trieste and Italy.

In the past it used to act as General Agent in Italy for numerous state shipping companies – among others, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, India, Turkey –  and private liner services.

At the same time the agency also provides assistance for tramps, both for commercial vessels, such as bulk carriers, general cargo vessels, tankers, heavy lift vessels, and passenger vessels like cruises and mega yachts calling the port of Trieste, where Samer is deeply rooted and can count on an efficient cooperation with suppliers and relevant authorities, in order to guarantee smooth and satisfying operations to captains and owners. Local knowledge, own water clerks’ expertise and strict operational standards are matched to make each vessel’s port call as cost-effective as possible.

Not only in Italy but throughout Central and Eastern Europe Samer is also very dynamic in sales for the liner ship owners the agency represents, in acquiring cargoes for trump ship owners and in chartering vessels as ship broker.

Providing full agency, husbandry and protective agency services means overall assistance, from pre-arrival planning and documentation, through  in-port requirements such as monitoring of vessel operations and coordination of booked services (for instance bunker, crew changes, chandlery, medical/legal support, nautical charts, dry docking), to post-departure follow-up with information and communications on costs and disbursement accounts.