Ocean Freight

Over the last decade Samer & Co. Shipping has been investing and expanding its international freight forwarding business, and today can guarantee a door-to-door service, be it for containerized cargo, bulk and break bulk, all over the world, thanks to strategic partnerships with major freight forwarders in target markets where the group has no direct branch offices, selected to secure long-term partners according to their global scope and service reliability. When it comes to carriers, Samer has agreements with most of the largest ocean carriers worldwide, contracting space allocations on a number of their routes, in order to manage capacity and customers‘ demands, and in general to select the carrier the best suits their needs.

Competition is notoriously fierce in freight forwarding, which is why Samer has been tailoring value added services to its customers, rather than mere business transactions. On the other hand, the company is equally committed in its performances for small and medium-sized enterprises, spot shipments for a new customer and corporations‘ yearly bids.

Such services include:

  • Worldwide door-to-door service
  • Reefer cargoes
  • Custom brokerage
  • Container/Bulk/Break-bulk handling
  • Stuffing-Unstuffing/Transport/Loading

As said above, Samer can also take care of custom formalities, custom brokerage in general and provides cargoes insurance to streamline the flow from shipper to consignee. Thanks to the company’s dedicated operational staff, its portfolio of products and global coverage, customers are never denied any service, whether they need them for just a section of the supply chain or the entire process: tailor-made solutions are key features here.