Road and Rail Freight

Samer & Co. Shipping also offers pre-carriage and on-carriage quotations, which means shipment legs by road, rail and intermodal services, that of course are to be matched with all Samer’s air and ocean freight products, thus offering a real multimodal door-to-door solution to the company’s worldwide clientele, designed ad-hoc for their distribution or inbound/outbound logistics.

Among such products, customers can choose whether they need FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments, whereby transit time and flexibility are the priorities; Samer’s team will make sure goods via truck will take the most cost-efficient route and safely reach their destination in time.

Individually packed shipments, on the other hand, will require LTL (Less than Truck Load) solutions as the most competitive alternative, through which parcels are collected and consolidated at national and international hubs, and reach their points of delivery under seamless connections and traced, monitored flows.

Lastly, paying attention to trucks’ environmental impact and carbon footprint can mean that rail solutions can be chosen to deliver cargoes, in accordance with customers while building their specific door-to-door solution, either directly with railway operators or partnering with structured service providers.

On all the above services, Samer can also provide for customs clearance, warehousing, hazardous goods handling and delivery notification.

Certainlu also exclusive road, rail or intermodal services without including any sea/air shipments are regularly performed, especially on routes across Europe where numerous multimodal solutions can be offered.